Who is jongh?
Jongh is Marijke Dejonghe. And Marijke Dejonghe? That’s me. Hello!

Who or what am I?
Bold is what I am. But in a positive way that is.
I like to do things quickly, efficiently and preferably with a smile on my face.
I don’t make small talk, I never will.
I don’t need to, because in this rapidly evolving world where everything needs to go quicker, I choose action. I am a doer.

A jack of all trades. Also me.
‘Everything at once’ is no reason to panic for me.
In fact, I like to structure chaos (even though my desk might tell you a different story from time to time).

Interests? A lot. ‘Entrepreneurial ADHD’ as they call it nowadays.
I call it being adventurous. Sounds like more fun. To me, every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity to take something new and make it successful. To make something which seems impossible, possible.

So …. Welcome to my website. What can we do for each other? What can I do for you?

Let’s meet up. I’ll put the kettle on, you do the talking. Call me or send me a message on WhatsApp and I will ring you back as soon as I can. Maybe we can start a new adventure together?

I am looking forward hearing from you!